Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari is Closed for tourist session 2022-23. The park will open in October 2023.

Flora Found in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary stays close to the heart of India, it is no less than a natural gem as it has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The total area covered by the park is over 152 square kilometers in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The park is not only about flora and fauna but it also offers a fascinating landscape and a habitat for numerous species, which makes it an ideal place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Flora in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

The sanctuary is blessed with a remarkable range of plant species, ranging from dense forests to open grasslands. The dominant vegetation consists of dry deciduous forests, mixed forests, and bamboo groves, this more than one type of vegetation is the reason behind the popularity of this wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the most popular Flora in Nagzira are as follows:

● Teak
● Tendu
● Haldu
● Mahua
● Ain trees

nagzira flora

These plants are the primary source of sustenance for the wildlife animals who are herbivores.

The sanctuary is also known for its impressive bamboo woods, which provide shelter and food for various animal species. Besides, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary boasts a rich array of medicinal plants, which includes

● Vekhand
● Bel
● Arjun

The above-mentioned flora is not only important for the ecosystem but also holds traditional medicinal value.

Activities Offered by Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

There are a huge variety of activities that are being offered to the visitors of this sanctuary. This is what makes this ideal for every individual and makes it a perfect place to visit. So let’s explore a little deeper the activities offered by this beautiful place.

1. Jeep Safari: Isn’t it amazing that you can explore one of the most amazing flora and fauna while enjoying the ride? Yes, indeed it is. You can also hire a professional tourist guide so that you can know in-depth knowledge about the place. Plus you will get an opportunity to witness some of the rarest animals and plants.

2. Bird-watching: If you don’t know about the biggest reason behind the popularity of this Sanctuary then we will be more than happy to inform you of the reason. It is a wide range of birds in this park, this sanctuary holds a population of 116 birds which means you are going to witness different types of species in the same place. This place is literally a paradise for birdwatchers.


So if you are planning to visit this place then you are choosing the right spot to spend your holidays as this place offers a wide range of activities for every individual.