Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari is Closed for tourist session 2022-23. The park will open in October 2023.

Nagzira National Park: Sightseeing Ambience

Nagzira National Park is home to the large white mammals, bengal tiger and you can have fun of watching Indian wild boar, Mouse deer, Sambar deer, leopard, large wild mammals, chitkul and more. The terrain of Nagzira is covered with forest, valleys and hillocks of the mountains and water bodies. This park is covering 152 sq km in the north-eastern corner of Maharashtra located between Bhandara and Gondia. It draws an ample of visitors due to its picturesque landscapes and a great ambience. It is indeed a great spot to visit with friends and family without an inch of uncertainty or hesitation.

nagzira sightseen

Wildlife and Nature

This tourist place is becoming very popular and people are approaching this scenic beauty to this most photographed landmark for capturing the best of the backdrop for store in. The park is also constituted with lodge to facilitate comfortable accommodation for the stopover visitors which in itself is a distinctive experience. Besides, it has a place of worship of snakes located exact in the centre of the haven. Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna so your gateway is going to give you good vibes with its thought provoking beauty. The jungle is humid and having trees like the Dhok, Churel, Butea along with a variety of therapeutic aromatic plants and blossoming plants. The innermost portion of Nagzira, bamboo is found in plenty. On the external periphery bamboo is not in quantity still it is capturing the attention of tourists.

Perfect for Family Holidays

Away from the city crowd, very relaxing and comfort in abundance is the real definition of Nagzira National Park. This beautiful place offers you tranquil state and wildlife adventure both. I love its alluring and calm atmosphere and vibrant woodland. This is a flawless spot for spending bit value time with your dear ones.

Getting There

By Air-

  • Nearest airport is Nagpur (122km/3hrs).

By Rail-

  • Nearest railhead is Gondia Railway Station (50 km/1hr). Buses are also available upto Sakoli.

By Road-

  • It is a 3-hour-drive from Nagpur on NH6 upto Sakoli that lead you to Nagzira WLS Bus The nearest bus stand is at Sakoli, 22km away from the park. ST buses from Nagpur, Gondia and Bhandara ply upto Sakoli. From here taxi is the best medium reaching to the park.