Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari is Closed for tourist session 2022-23. The park will open in October 2023.

How to Plan Nagzira National Park Tour

Don’t you think seeing the world with your family or friends is best ever? I decided to take family trip to Nagzira National Park. Since this was our first national park trip, we wanted to cherish every moment and explore it to our best ability. I managed to book budget tour package yet very explore worthy via I must add I had beyond words experience. Your trip to Nagzira National Park will be daunting if you better educate yourself before heading there.

nagzira tour plan

Trip Details of Nagzira National Park

  • Trip type: wildlife
  • Trip Duration: 2N/3D
  • Trip Cost: Check in our website

Prep your trip wisely & strategically

Day 1

On your arrival you need to head to go to the hotel you have booked. What a better feel to be at your pre-booked hotel or resort once you reach by air or train or by bus. Rush to jungle safari in the afternoon, along with your guide to venture the rich wildlife counting the king of park the Royal Bengali Tiger. The countless view of species and other most wanted animals are easily possible when you stay at the peak venue.

Day 2

Now take an awe-inspiring journey of morning and afternoon jeep safari into the Nagzira National Park to see the various beautiful vegetations, flora and fauna, wildlife and more. The imagination of adorable views and wildlife will be complimenting your relaxing stay at nearby lodge.

Day 3

You can also take one more safari to the interiors of the park in spare time in the morning. In a while leaving back to Nagpur airport or train or bus with everlasting memory will be incredible. Nagzira is well known as a bird gazing destination and house to 170 species of birds and 49 species of unique butterflies. Better visit there if you have penchant for viewing them and watching them precisely.

Final Words

  • Before you go on board, make sure you are well educated with the documents for few formalities.
  • Also have some cash as well as relying on cashless technology will be sometimes problematic for you.
  • Seize your entire beautiful discovery with open arms that you attain from this spellbound landscape.