Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari is Closed for tourist session 2022-23. The park will open in October 2023.

A Perfect Long Weekend Plan to Nagzira from Nagpur

By JAGAT [18-June-24] As the weekend approaches, the excitement of a mini-vacation begins to bubble up. For those residing in Nagpur, a city known as the 'Orange City,' an ideal long weekend getaway is the lush, wildlife-rich Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary. A long weekend trip to Nagzira from Nagpur is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nestled about 118 km from Nagpur, Nagzira is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed three-day itinerary suggestion on How to plan a Nagzira tour and to make the most of your trip.

nagzira weekend tour

Departure from Nagpur and Initial Exploration on Saturday

Starting early is always considered the best start to make the most of your day. A road trip from Nagpur to Nagzira is quite scenic and enjoyable. Going by a car, it usually takes around 2-3 hours to reach. You can pack some snacks and refreshments to enjoy along the way. Else, halt in-between the journey to have some refreshments.

Upon arrival, check into one of the many forest lodges or resorts near the sanctuary. The accommodations near Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary offer comfortable stay with a touch of the wild. After settling in and having lunch, it’s time to venture into the sanctuary. A guided nature walk is a perfect way to start your exploration. This walk will introduce you to the local flora and fauna, and you might even spot some wildlife. Nagzira is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, leopards, Indian bison, and numerous bird species.

Return to your hotel or resort after safari to sit back for a leisurely evening. Many lodges offer evening activities such as documentary screenings about wildlife conservation, which can be both educational and entertaining. Enjoy a hearty dinner and get a good night’s sleep to prepare for the adventures ahead.

Full-Day Safari Adventure at Nagzira on Sunday

Set up an early alarm before the sun rises to wake up for a morning safari. The best time to spot wildlife is during the early hours of the day when animals are most active. The sanctuary offers jeep safaris that offer a comfortable and comprehensive tour of the sanctuary. Ensure you have your camera ready to capture the stunning sights of animals in their natural habitat.

The morning safari spans from 5:00 am to 9:30 am, and it varies according to season. After imbibing the morning aura at the Nagzira forest, come back to the lodge for breakfast. Spend some time relaxing or exploring the surrounding areas. Enjoy a traditional lunch at your lodge. The local cuisine is delicious and offers a taste of the region’s flavours.

After lunch and a nap head out for another safari in the afternoon. This time, you might want to try a different zone within the sanctuary to increase your chances of spotting a diverse range of wildlife. Each safari is a unique experience, and the thrill of seeing animals like the Indian gaur, sambar deer, and various bird species is unparalleled. The afternoon safari spans from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Return to your lodge as the sun sets. Many lodges arrange bonfires and barbecues, providing a perfect end to an adventurous day. Share your experiences with fellow guests and enjoy the serene ambiance of the forest.

Monday, the Day of Return from Nagzira to Nagpur

On your last day, spend some time relaxing in the comforts of your accommodation and take it easy with a leisurely breakfast. Spend your morning at the lodge, perhaps indulging in some bird watching or a short nature walk. The tranquil environment of Nagzira is perfect for unwinding and reflecting on the experiences of the past two days.

As noon rolls in make preparations for packing up and check out of your lodge and begin your journey back to Nagpur. The journey back provides a great opportunity to discuss the highlights of your trip and plan your next visit to the wilderness. Arrive back in Nagpur by evening. Take the rest of the day to relax at home, unpack, and sort through the numerous photos and memories you’ve gathered during your trip.