Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari is Closed for tourist session 2022-23. The park will open in October 2023.

Plan One Night and Two Days Trip with Friends at Nagzira

Childhood friendships occupy a favourite corner of everyone’s heart. From sharing lunch together to getting punished in class, a bagful of memories lurks at the back of our minds, even when we are not really thinking about them. For old times' sake relive the essence of childhood by planning a trip together taking some time out from the busy schedules of life. Embark on a thrilling escapade with friends and venture into the heart of nature at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary for a memorable two-day journey. This blog will capture the essence of the wild retreat, filled with captivating encounters, scenic landscapes, and unforgettable moments.

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Wilderness at Nagzira welcomes you on day 1.

Your journey will be kicked off with excitement as you enter Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Maharashtra. The air is charged with anticipation as you pass through the sanctuary gates, greeted by the lush greenery that marks the beginning of the wilderness expedition.

After a smooth check-in at your accommodations, waste no time and eagerly hop onto safari jeeps for an afternoon exploration post-lunch. The first safari will turn into a thrilling wildlife spectacle as the sun begins its descent. Majestic tigers, graceful deer, and playful langurs are the stars of the jungle adventure. The sanctuary's inhabitants seem to revel in the golden hour, allowing the visitors to witness their natural behaviours and interactions. Get the cameras to work, capturing the essence of untamed beauty that surrounds you and your friends.

As darkness descends, the aura at the resort will exude different senses. A symphony of wildlife sounds will accompany everyone, creating a magical ambiance, enough to leave an indelible mark on the memories. Gather around a bonfire to share the day’s experience with each other or indulge in some musical journey while savouring some delicious snacks.

Rise with the sun for a morning safari on day 2.

The second day dawns with the promise of new adventures. An early morning safari awaits you to offer a chance to witness the sanctuary's awakening. The golden hues of sunrise paint the landscape as you venture deeper into the wilderness. To stay vigilant to notice any signs of movement. With deeper probing into the forest, nature unveils its treasures and you will get to encounter a myriad of species, each playing a role in the delicate ecosystem. From the majestic Indian bison to the vibrant peafowl, Nagzira's biodiversity is on full display. The knowledgeable guide will enrich the experience with insights into the flora and fauna that make the sanctuary a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Nagzira jeep safari booking will turn out to be the best ever experience, enabling you to meet nature right in front of you.

The afternoon will be dedicated to exploring the sanctuary's nature trails on foot. The rustling leaves and fragrant blooms will guide your path as you immerse in the vibrant flora. Birdwatching enthusiasts revel in the opportunity to spot various avian species, their colourful plumage adding to the diverse tapestry of Nagzira.

Time to Bid Farewell to Nagzira

As your two-day adventure comes to an end, check out from the accommodation of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary after lunch. Drive to Nagpur, the ‘Orange City’ to depart from Nagpur Airport or Railway Station. This trip to Nagzira will add another chapter to cherish in the bond of friendship. The photographs, both captured through the lens and etched in the memory, are meant for long-term commitment towards the untamed beauty of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.